Architecture disruption

architecture disruption

The NRA Collaborative have kicked off our new staff disruptor sessions with a discussion by Tony Carmichael of MacroPlanDimasi about “The Impact of Technological Disruption on Cities”. In his presentation Tony covered the future of drones and Automated Vehicles; the future of retail; the future of freight and logistics and Smart City strategies. The discussion was based around how each impacts on the urban environment and particularly on the public realm and why this matters to architects and urban designers.

A lively discussion was held after the presentation, and Tony answered questions regarding the congestion of roads due to the increased use of AVS and the subsequent legal implications, as AVs have the potential to greatly assist the flow of transportation, however they bring with them their own complications. One such discussion was in relation to the impact of the streetscape of buildings to accommodate for drop off zones for AVS and the safety of pedestrians as more people access the city via bicycles, motorised scooters and segways and other devices. The future of delivery of mail by drone also generated great discussion as to how buildings would need to accommodate for this.

Tony invited staff to think about how we design people focused suburbs and cities rather than vehicle focused by checking out the own walkability scores of where they live at
We look forward to the next disruptor session!