Expo ’88 Young at Heart Pavilion

Expo' 88 Young at Heart Pavilion

Expo ’88 Young at Heart Pavillion

Throwback Thursday:

With the Ekka only 8 days away, we at the nra-co-lab were inspired to showcase the  Expo ’88 Young at Heart Food and Beverage Pavilion in this week’s Throwback Thursday! A juxtaposition of colours, lines, curves and volume, the structure was an expression of the fun and playful spirit of the ‘Young at Heart’.

Robinson Newsletter – December 1985


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The brief for the Young at Heart Food and Beverage Pavilions for Expo ’88 requires six cafeteria style outlets to be provided to the north and east of the Australia/Queensland pavilion, and that the structures and landscaping be representative of the Young at Heart.

The gathering together of the structures as an identifiable group presenting a diversity of imaginative spaces or volumes, will enable people of all ages to participate in a stimulating experience.

Children’s imagination is boundless, and their insatiable appetite for new experience will require dynamic attractions (or distractions) to accompany the meal or snack, as well as play areas and activity corners. The form of the structures has developed as a response to these conditions, an extremely low budget notwithstanding.

Expo' 88 Young at Heart Pavilion

A building to house the formal requirements of the brief (kitchens, storage, services, and so on) would be far too costly. Therefore, a simple inexpensive, demountable metal clad pavilion system (4m x 4m grid x 3m high) has been developed to house those formal functions. A system of varying shade structures, screens, landscaping and colour, will be combined with the pavilions to create the atmosphere of Young at Heart.

An external screen system of twisting three-dimensional steel tubes, neon lit on V columns, has been developed to delineate the outdoor dining areas from the public and parade routes.

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