AEG Ogden

“I just wanted to tell you how much I have appreciated your excellent work, and your personal support, for our latest concept in Brisbane. I have been delighted with the responsiveness of you and your team in developing concept so far. I think that the visuals look fantastic and I can’t recall a better -presented concept master plan for anything in this city, ever. You are a true professional Noel.” Harvey Lister, Chairman & CEO, AEG Ogden


“Noel Robinson Architects, as the design architect for the new mixed use residential tower above the ground plane, have assisted the developer in achieving profitable outcomes for the development, as well as balancing the design outcome for an iconic building which will stand the test of time in Brisbane’s skyline.” John Kinsella, Managing Director

Scott Flynn Properties

“Noel is a breath of fresh air in his profession. His enthusiasm is infectious, his talent is dynamic and his leadership is very strong. Noel is surrounded by similar people, and this is why the firm, NRA, are at the forefront of their profession. I have no hesitation to recommend the firm of NRA and their leader Noel Robinson for any type of project, big or small.” Scott Flynn, Brisbane Airport Hotels, Pullman & Ibis


“It has been a pleasure working with yourself and your team on the Skytower project. Your team has always acted professionally and responded promptly to all requests. I have been impressed with the consistent fast turnaround time in which your office has delivered high quality work. I look forward to working with your team in the future.” Richard Cass

Job Access

“The icon of architects in Australia!” Sarina Russo, Job Access

Sheehan AO

“In all my professional dealings with Noel, he has been an exceptional professional. He was sensitively alert to my demands, always ethical in his interactions with me, never compromised on the quality of product and he was totally approachable.” Emeritus Professor Peter W. Sheehan AO

Resort Corp

“In development, to achieve signature results you must engage a signature professional. Our choice of Noel Robinson Architects was based on Noel’s architectural achievements and his uncompromising pursuit of excellence. Having worked closely with NRA it is our experience that Noel takes a strong personal interest in his projects and demonstrates an exceptional aptitude for interpreting client needs and delivering meticulously considered design outcomes. Put simply, NRA is an impressive organisation which has gained an enviable reputation for their commitment to outstanding architecture.” Peter Madras

Plafaire Projects

“Noel Robinson and his team are truly an enigma – they embody all that is good about professionalism and are truly at the leading edge of contemporary architecture.” Peter Lewis.

Brookfield Multiplex

“Within a very short time of arriving in Brisbane I came across Noel and his design and architecture firm Noel Robinson Architects. In over 20 years, and many projects, I can count on one hand the number of architectural firms that are able to deliver good design that is commercially relevant and viable: Noel is one such Architect and the passion that he shows not only for his work but also for his client relationships is second to none. A truly international Architect who can mix it with the best of them.” John Shepherd

QANTAS Founders Outback Museum

“It is our belief of QANTAS Foundation Memorial that Noel Robinson Architects deservedly ranks among the outstanding architectural firms in Australia and are highly recommended to any organisation requiring well designed, functional and visually attractive buildings.” Jo Shannon

Golden Casket Art Union Office

“Noel Robinson and his team at all times displayed a highly professional, yet friendly and cooperative approach. I cannot think of a time when their response to the many and varied issues and problems that arise in major construction work, was other than very positive, logical and well thought. They were always available to attend to our needs promptly.” K R Leyshon


We are grateful to Noel Robinson and his team for their superior architectural vision, skills and expertise in designing Mincom Central which has provided us with a truly unique image.” Frank Berger – CEO, Mincom

Brookfield Multiplex

“Led by visionary architect Noel Robinson, NRA ranks as one of finest architectural practices in Australia. Multiplex is proud to have enjoyed a successful affiliation with NRA, having experienced Noel’s intrinsic architectural expertise and proactive response to issues first-hand.” Chris McCluskey

Leighton Properties

“Noel Robinson is an invigorating leader and highly skilful architect. His ability to interpret client needs is top class and unfaultable. Noel possesses a unique, one of a kind skill for absorbing information and presenting creative solutions at short notice.” Bob Borger, Leighton Properties

Sheraton Noosa Refurbishment

“I have no hesitation in recommending Noel Robinson Architects as a firm of the highest design skills and performance in all types of projects.” John Kerrigan – Manager Property Investments, Suncorp, Sheraton Noosa Refurbishment

Marquette Properties

“As an organisation, Noel Robinson Architects presents an outstanding level of expertise in all architectural disciplines. Put simply, Noel Robinson and his team are affable, versatile and highly experienced in all design sectors. I commend NRA on their high degree of professionalism and success in fostering positive client partnerships.” Toby Lewis, Marquette Properties

Quintex Property

“I have no hesitation in recommending Noel Robinson’s firm as an example of the highest design skills and performance in all types of projects.” John Tabart – Tarbart & Partners, Tourism and Property. Melbourne Docklands, Brisbane Airport Corporation, Head of Barangaroo Sydney Development Corporate, Director of Quintex Property

Pullman & Ibis

“When dealing with a leader in any field there is a certain standard that is anticipated. Still, after over a decade of collaboration, Noel continues to inspire and surprise me. He combines a sophisticated vision with a mastery of his discipline’s technical depths. Noel provides the leadership and direction fundamental to achieving success. He stamps his authority with a touch of class. Noel brings to the table a lifetime of experience and I rely on his judgement to balance outcomes with practical considerations. It is the aggregation that gives me the confidence to engage him on all our most critical projects.” Anthony Flynn, Brisbane Airport Hotels, Pullman & Ibis

Peter Lawrence Flynn

“I have worked with Noel Robinson for approximately 30 years. Noel has designed, over that time, innumerable outstanding buildings, both commercial and residential. He has created and documented award winning projects for our company, of which we are very proud. Noel’s practice has consistently achieved outstanding results for us in dozens of projects over a long time frame. No doubt, we will work with him and his practice in the future, on many projects and do so, with the utmost enthusiasm and confidence.” Peter Lawrence Flynn