NRA Collaborative

About Us

The NRA Collaborative, founded in 1972 in Brisbane is a multi-award winning architectural and design practice. With an extensive and unrivaled portfolio, we are recognised as leader in delivering creative commercially sound design solutions.

Understanding the complexities of delivering architectural projects requires specialised skills and proven methodologies which the NRA Collaborative has in-house. We carefully combine our master planning skills with the commercial understanding of architectural projects from the initial capital investment to the long-term life cycle costing to deliver innovative solutions based on sound design principles.

Why The NRA Collaborative?


Our clients benefit from our specialised design and master planning skills. We specialise in high quality design solutions in architecture, interiors and urban design.

Professionalism & Integrity

We maintain high ethical standards which include respect, honesty and confidentiality. These values are equal to and regularly benchmarked against the best in the world.

Time Cost Management

We aim to reduce project delivery time, reduce total project cost and deliver developments to the market quickly and efficiently, without compromising the design outcome.


Our clients’ projects benefit from our accredited Quality Assurance status which is applied to the project delivery process.

Team Oriented

We are team players, we work closely with and collaborate with our clients and consultants to achieve successful outcomes.

Outstanding Design

Our business is innovation; we are business people who understand how important it is to deliver value for money for our clients, even more in today’s competitive global


We have extensive networks in the design and property industries. These networks help facilitate smooth delivery processes and contribute to the overall value proposition.

Value & Risk Management

Our clients’ projects are continually assessed to ensure that they receive the best “value add” that our process can achieve. The risk is reviewed at each step to help minimise exposure to unforeseen events.


Our clients’ projects benefit from our reputation, our name adds value in the market place.

Sustainability & Technology

We invest in the latest cutting-edge studio technology and are leading thinkers in sustainable design outcomes – we “think green”.